.NET API Library

The .NET SDK for Faceki is a software development kit that provides easy integration with the Faceki platform. It offers a set of APIs to simplify authentication and communication with the Faceki API

Nuget Package



  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later

  • Visual Studio or any other compatible IDE


You can install the .NET SDK for Faceki by following these steps:

  1. Open your project in Visual Studio or your preferred IDE.

  2. Open the NuGet Package Manager Console.

  3. Run the following command to install the package:

dotnet add package FacekiDotNet --version 1.0.1


Initialize the Faceki client

To start using the Faceki SDK, you need to initialize the FacekiDotNet class with your client ID and client secret:

using FacekiDotNet;

var clientId = "yourClientId";
var clientSecret = "yourClientSecret";

FacekiAPIs client = new FacekiAPIs(clientId ,clientSecret);

Replace "yourClientId" and "yourClientSecret" with your actual Faceki client ID and client secret.


Retrieves the KYC rules from the Faceki API.

KYCRuleResponse kycRules = await facekiAPIs.GetKYCRules();


Performs KYC verification using the provided images.

KYCVerificationResponse kycVerificationResult = await facekiAPIs.KYCRequest(
    selfie_image: "path_to_selfie_image",
    id_front_image: "path_to_id_front_image",
    id_back_image: "path_to_id_back_image",
    dl_front_image: "path_to_dl_front_image",
    dl_back_image: "path_to_dl_back_image",
    pp_front_image: "path_to_pp_front_image"


Retrieves the summary of KYC verifications performed.

KYCSummaryResponse kycSummary = await facekiAPIs.GetKYCSummary();

Generates a KYC verification link that can be shared with users for verification.

int expiryTime = 60; // Expiry time in minutes
string applicationId = "your_application_id";
KYCLinkGenerate kycLink = await facekiAPIs.GenerateKYCLink(expiryTime, applicationId);


Retrieves KYC verification records based on the provided link ID.

string linkId = "your_link_id";
GetKycResultsData kycRecords = await facekiAPIs.GetKycRecords(linkId);


Performs a face match verification using the provided selfie image.

FaceMatchResponseData faceMatchResult = await facekiAPIs.FaceMatach("path_to_selfie_image");

Dispose the FacekiAPIs an instance when you are done using it to release the underlying resources:



The FacekiAPIs package provides a simple and efficient way to integrate with the Faceki API for facial recognition and KYC verification. By following the steps outlined in this documentation, you can easily incorporate the package into your project and utilize its functionality.

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