Compliance and Data Security

Are all data encrypted during transfer to/from FACEKI?

All SDK related traffic is encrypted and sent over HTTPS using TLS 1.2.

What happens to my ID data? Does FACEKI share or Sell user's data?

Complying with the EU and UK GDPR, FACEKI does not sell data to any third parties. The processed data is stored encrypted, in secure data servers under strict security measures to provide maximum data protection for our clients and in compliance with security standards.

Does FACEKI have any compliance certificate?

FACEKI holds a variety of Compliance and Cyber Security certifications which include (QG) Quality Guild Management Standards – GDPR compliance certification, PCI Security Standards Council’s (PCI DSS)

Does FACEKI comply with GDPR?

Yes, FACEKI holds a GDPR compliance certificate issued by QG (Quality Guild Management Standards), assessed through GDPR Management Standards that have been written using the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679).

Does FACEKI store any data?

Because the data you host with us belongs to you, you have control over where it is stored and how it is accessed and deleted. you can control that through the Data storage option, in order to use our dashboard and view the users on the verification monitoring page, you require to keep the data storage on (with the ability to store for a customizable duration of time).

However, you can turn the data storage off, the data will be pushed to you through API without the ability to view your verification monitoring page on the dashboard.

What kind of checks do you perform to validate the authenticity of the document?

FACEKI uses multiple authentication modules to identify fake documents. This is based on our own fake ID database and a sophisticated computer vision technology. Our checks includes, Data visibility, image quality, feature referencing, edits and text checks, and country specific security checks.

Do you perform independent security checks?

We collaborate with multiple security partners to validate our environment and code for vulnerabilities. We also perform periodic security assessments and penetration test as per industry best practices.


What type of integration does FACEKI offer?

FACEKI offers a restful API, No JS SDK, HTML SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK, and FACEKI Zero-Integration.

Do I get any tech support for installation?

Our technical team can guide you through the integration and implementation process, you can contact us on Support@faceki.com


Can I request additional documents for the countries that are not included in the supported countries?

Yes, if documents are relevant and there is a demand, you may request supporting additional documents from the said country.

Will I be able to upgrade my package to a more suitable solution when I need to?

Yes. As a first step, we will help you choose the right plan for your needs accordingly to ensure that you are not overcharged or rushed.

As you grow and start progressing, your needs will change. Contact us again and we will adjust you to a solution that better fits your needs.


What do I need to start the verification process?

You must have a laptop or mobile with an operational camera and government-issued ID documents to begin the verification. These documents could be an ID card, passport, driving license or any other ID document that is supported by FACEKI.

View Supported Documents

How long does the verification process take?

Your end-users can get themselves verified within 30-60 seconds.

Which Documents are acceptable for KYC?

Government-issued ID documents are acceptable that are not expired. Passports, ID cards, driving license. View Supported Documents

The choice of ID document to the merchant. If the merchant has chosen an ID card, all customers have to show their government-issued ID card for the process. Moreover, we allow merchants to choose more than one document for customer verification.

Does the required data fields differ according to the country?

Yes, the data fields that a person must provide in order to get verified vary from country to country as per their government-issued identity documents and regulatory framework. The format of ID documents differs between countries.

Can I re-verify my customers against AML watchlist?

Yes, manual AML/PEP verifications are available, you can find it in the dashboard under the verification bar.

Do I get the full verification details if the customer or regulator come knocking?

Yes, a whole report can be downloaded when you click on view full details of the users in the Verification Monitoring page.

What can I do if I get stuck?

Step 1: Breathe.

Step 2: Head to our Ticket section.

Step 3: Issue a Ticket and describe your problem in great detail.

We'll respond as fast as we can.

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