Verification Settings

In this section you can choose your verification settings.

Data Storage Settings

With the Data Storage settings, you can choose how to receive the results of your KYC verification requests. You have two options:

Option 1: Use our dashboard to view and manage your results. This option allows you to access your verification data through a user-friendly interface.

Option 2: Receive your results directly through the API. With this option, you can integrate the verification results into your own system or application without having to access the dashboard separately.

To access these settings and select the option that best suits your needs, visit this link:

Invalid Status Settings

The Verification Settings section allows you to customize the KYC verification process and choose the documents you would like to include in the Invalid section. Some of the things you can choose to include in this section are:

  • Document Type: You will Select the document you want to be invalid.

  • Countries: Select the country, Any document from those countries will be accepted, all the rest will be invalid.

  • Nationality: Any nationalities selected will be accepted, all the rest will be invalid.

  • Age: It will be invalid if the user's age (years) is less than.

  • Recaptured documents: The documents which is captured from the monitor or screen will be invalid if selected yes, if selected no will be valid.

By selecting the options that best suit your needs, you can tailor the verification process to your specific requirements and improve the accuracy of your results. To access these settings and customize your verification rules, visit this link:

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