Zero Integration

Start Verifying documents without the need to do any integration.

This feature allows you to generate a KYC verification link from the user dashboard to verify users without the need for integration. The generated link can be sent directly to the users for verification.

User Dashboard/ KYC Verification screen Checks:

  • number_of_documents (required): The number of documents the user needs to provide for verification.

  • document_type (required): The type of document required for verification.

  • liveliness_check (required): Specifies whether a liveliness check should be performed during the verification process.

Response: Upon successful generation of the KYC verification link, the API will return a response containing the generated link.

Step 1: Configure Verification Workflow

  1. From the FACEKI dashboard, navigate to Workflow > Verification Workflow . Here, you can configure the verification workflow by selecting the desired number of documents, document type, and type a liveliness check should be performed.

  1. Next, navigate to Workflows > Verification Screen to customize the response screens that users will see once the verification process is completed. Additionally, you can specify a redirect URL (using HTTPS) where users will be redirected upon successful completion of the verification.

You can find 3 screens, Successful, Declined, and Invalid, you can edit the text field below.

Finally, go to Workflows > Verification Link to generate the KYC verification link. Set the desired validity period for the link (how long it will remain active) and specify the usage count (how many times the link can be used, 0 for unlimited).

You can then copy the generated link and send it to the user for verification. The user will be able to follow the link to complete the KYC verification process.

By following these steps, you can easily generate and manage KYC verification links using the FACEKI web-based verification solution, providing a seamless and convenient experience for your users.

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