Verification Data

Faceki API Verification Response Documentation

When you perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification using the Faceki API, you receive a detailed verification response containing valuable information about the verification process, document authenticity, facial matching, and more. This documentation aims to help you understand the different fields present in the response and their significance.

Response Structure

The response from the Faceki API verification consists of several key fields:

  • verification

  • face

  • confidence

  • result

  • authentication

  • aml

  • responseID

  • images

  • livenessResponse

Below, we'll explain each of these fields in detail.


The verification field provides information about the overall result of the verification process.

  • passed: A boolean indicating whether the KYC verification was successful (true) or not (false).

  • result: An object containing specific verification results:

    • face: A boolean indicating whether the face in the submitted images is successfully matched and verified.

    • notexpired: A boolean indicating whether the submitted document is not expired.


The face field contains information about the face matching results:

  • isIdentical: A boolean indicating whether the face in the submitted selfie image matches the face in the provided document (true) or not (false).

  • confidence: A numerical value indicating the confidence level of the face match. Higher values indicate a higher degree of confidence.


The confidence field provides confidence scores for various document attributes and facial features. These scores indicate the level of certainty in the accuracy of each attribute. The confidence scores are provided as numerical values between 0 and 1.

Attributes include:

  • backSideId

  • issuerOrg_full

  • issuerOrg_iso2

  • issuerOrg_iso3

  • document

  • documentName

  • documentNumber

  • documentSide

  • documentType

  • face

  • face0

  • firstName

  • fullName

  • internalId

  • lastName

  • middleName

  • nationality_full


The result field contains specific details about the verified document and the individual:

  • issuerOrg_full: The full name of the organization issuing the document.

  • issuerOrg_iso2: The ISO 2-letter country code of the organization issuing the document.

  • issuerOrg_iso3: The ISO 3-letter country code of the organization issuing the document.

  • document: The document details.

  • documentName: The name of the submitted document.

  • documentNumber: The document number.

  • documentSide: The side of the document that was verified.

  • documentType: The type of the submitted document. Possible Values ID Card ( I ), Passport (P), Residence Card (R), D: Driving License (D)

  • firstName: The first name of the individual.

  • fullName: The full name of the individual. Based on data source: MRZ or Visual the format will be different

  • lastName: The last name of the individual.

  • middleName: The middle name of the individual.

  • nationality_full: The full nationality of the individual.


The authentication field provides a detailed breakdown of authentication checks performed on the document:

  • breakdown: An object containing subfields that represent specific authentication checks. Each subfield contains:

    • passed: A boolean indicating whether the specific authentication check passed (true) or not (false).

  • warning: An array of warning messages related to the authentication process.

The available authentication checks include:

  • recapture_check

  • data_visibility

  • image_quality

  • feature_referencing

  • exif_check

  • publicity_check

  • text_analysis

  • biometric_analysis

  • security_feature_check


The aml field is an array that could potentially contain Anti-Money Laundering (AML) related information. In this case, it's an empty array, suggesting that no AML-related information was found.


The responseID field is a unique identifier for this verification response. It can be used to uniquely identify and track this specific verification session.


The images field provides URLs to the images used for verification:

  • doc_front_image: The URL to the front image of the submitted document.

  • doc_back_image: The URL to the back image of the submitted document (if applicable).

  • selfie_image: The URL to the submitted selfie image.


The livenessResponse field provides confirmation about the liveness test:

  • status: A boolean indicating whether the Liveness verification was successful (true) or not (false).

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